Taking Your Real Estate Business To The Next Level By Outsourcing Your Marketing Efforts.

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August 28, 2017
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Taking Your Real Estate Business To The Next Level By Outsourcing To An Agency

As a real estate agent or investor, should you outsource your marketing to an agency?

Quick question? How much time do you spend marketing your business each day, month, year? If your answer to this wasn’t “EVERYDAY.” Then are your really helping or hurting your business? Don’t worry it’s okay. I was guilty of it as well-until I discovered the reality of what marketing your business everyday consistently can do to achieve your overall goal.

Who really has the time to set aside from their already long to do lists? Yes that’s lists with an S… I am a fan of them you should try them. Aside from lists there’s also tools like outsourcing that’s used to achieve high value results for fractions of the cost of hiring an in house employee for each task. You can even dive in the wormhole deeper by hand picking which type of outsourcing is best for your industry. Talk about a mess of information! We’re here to help you iron it all out.


Consultants: Typical Spend $2000-$10,000 *Depending on scope of work.

In a perfect world, every business would have easy access to a world class consultant. But let’s be realistic here; that hardly ever happens. Consultants can add tons of value to your business-but how do you choose which one will work best for you? Another thing to keep in mind is most consultants won’t perform the actual task you need completed. Rather they will instruct you or your team on how to complete said tasks. This is wonderful for larger businesses; smaller businesses not so much.



Agency: Typical Spend $1000-$5000

Agencies can be thebest of both worlds. They rely on multiple members of their team to complete tasks within their specialization and share information amongst its’ in-house employees keeping a singular brand image. This aspect alone is pertinent to your business’ brand image. Most of us know keeping a consistent brand image is key to retaining repeat business. This is why this option is our recommended choice when looking to outsource.



In House Employee: Typical Spend $1800 x 4 Employees = $7200-$10,000(Depending on size & skill of employee)

For starters, you can already see how expensive this option can be. Not only that, you have to actually train, manage, and train these employees some more which actually removes you from other important growth tasks you should be completing within your business. Although having an in house team of employees is nice for company culture, it can prove to be a time consuming effort you can’t afford yet.


When considering what type of work to outsource, look no further than marketing the business itself. As a real estate agent or investor no one can compete with you when it comes to closing on your own services. Afterall you believe in it your mission 100%. So why not work on that aspect instead of spending time prospecting or finding new leads. A proper agency specializing in lead generation will continually supply you with new buyers, sellers, or contractors in your desired niche making your ability to close deals that much easier. Typical agents spend on average 2 hours per day prospecting new leads, then another 2-4 calling on those leads. Imagine having that extra time back(40 Hours per month) and put into closing deals alone!

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