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Topics Covered

By downloading this guide, you'll receive insider tips on how to grow and scale your lead generating efforts by utilizing proven automation techniques.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing allows you to connect with your target client. It also allows you to reach out & share your expertise through the use of shared knowledge & professionalism. We give you tips on how to run, strategize, and scale your accounts to build your brands credibility.

Facebook Ads

In this guide we explain what Paid Ads are, along with showing you the importance of a well optimized campaign. Not all ad platforms are created equal nor are they all beneficial to your business niche. Allow us to explain the night & day differences you will come across when running paid ads.

Email Marketing

When you've mastered the email drip funnel, you have truly mastered inbound lead generation. We explain the different tools you can use, along with tips for creating your very own automated drip funnel.

Content Marketing

This module within our ebook explains the ins & outs of content marketing. From publishing informational articles to creating custom graphics that shed light on your knowledge to incoming visitors. Ramp up your content marketing campaign to build a never ending list of targeted leads.

  • HMG was able to completely overhaul my inbound marketing efforts. For that I am forever grateful. They took our campaign and scaled it using the methods they preach & teach to give us an automated funnel of leads we can tap into anytime. Thank you to the team over at Heights!
    Linda Spearing
    AZDP Group/Diversified Partners
  • Zac with Heights Media Group was able to set us up with a brilliant campaign that truly targeted our niche specific leads. He was creative in his efforts and we thank him for that. If you're looking for assistance setting up a campaign we recommend reading their real estate guide Marketing To Millions. With that knowledge we were able to assign our marketing efforts to our assistant without worry of failure.
    Chris Werner
    AZ Real Estate Channel
  • The guys over at HMG ramped up my lead generation tenfold. As an investor I've found that it takes untraditional methods to build a buyers/seller list that will generate deals. I made the investment with their company not only because of their knowledge, but because they welcomed me with open arms.
    Zaback Group
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